730 San Pablo Avenue, Ste 5-1, Pinole, California 94564


Prof Smog
730 San Pablo Ave, #5-1

Regular and Star Smog Testing for cars, vans, trucks & Motor Homes

Regular and Star Smog Testing for cars, vans, trucks & Motor HomesRegular and Star Smog Testing for cars, vans, trucks & Motor Homes


Prof Smog Social Distancing Protocol

We believe we are healthy.

We are using gloves, masks, and seat covers for customer safety.

Please do not enter premises.

Please do not come if you have a cough or fever.

Please maintain a minimum six feet from anyone.

If you cough or sneeze, please use a cloth or tissue or elbow.

Please no shaking hands or physical contact.

Symptom checks are being conducted before we come in.

Soap and water are available in the landlord’s bathroom (labeled restroom between units 6&7 of this building).

We also have soap available here and there is a faucet outside.

Disinfectant and related supplies are available for employees.

We are allowed and do plan to remain open at this point in time.  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL. Appointments are important as we may be here only for appointments but will still accept drive ins when time is available. Please be aware that a statement that you will or can be here within a certain time or at a certain time and we accept is an appointment. If the doors are closed when you arrive for your appointment we are probably on our way. If we are not there and are 5 minutes late for your appointment PLEASE CALL. If you arrive without an appointment and we are not there PLEASE CALL - we may be able to arrive soon.

We are exempted from the shelter in place order but are required to follow good practices.

See section 13.f.vii. (Gas stations and auto-supply, auto-repair, and related facilities are exempted)

According to our computer page 8.

To view the March 31 order go to:


Then click on link to follow the order for through May 3 (under March 31).

The link below might work for direct access:


There are further updates.

Due to the update 4/17/20, effective 4/22/20, Customers are no longer permitted inside and must wait outside. This is the only way we can comfortably comply with the new update.

This means that for credit card transactions, customer must hand us their credit card to run inside. After card is run, please verify amount is correct & sign.

If you do not approve of this procedure, please bring cash. Cash continues to receive a 3% discount.


Prof Smog specializes in smog testing and certification in Pinole, California, serving Contra Costa County. Prof Smog is an owner-operated business and the owner is ASE certified. We smog test and certify vehicles whether or not they are required to go to a Smog Test Only Center or a STAR Certified smog station - Prof Smog is Test Only and STAR Certified. We've been in business for  20 years, and our owner has over 25 years of experience. We offer smog and emissions tests at competitive prices, and if your vehicle passes, we'll issue your certificate.

We believe in a clean environment and clean air for us and our families. Our objective is to pass the vehicles that should pass and fail the vehicles that should fail: Quality and Integrity matters here. We believe that in this way we are doing our part in helping the environment as a business and offering our customers the best service we can. When a vehicle fails the smog test, it indicates a potential problem on the vehicle that needs to be addressed. This may help improve vehicle performance or mileage. Also, we believe this may be why we are not just STAR but one of the higher performing STAR stations. Please view the Quality Matters page for more information. Thank You.

 Most other smog stations only take customers on a first-come, first-serve basis, possibly creating long lines and wait times. Appointments are available and currently needed so that your service is prompt. On time appointments have priority, but we may take drive-ins if time is available. Contact us at 510-724-9753 or 510-640-3555 today to make an appointment! If email use smog for the subject line - we usually respond more quickly to telephone (usually fastest response) or text messages. Some people have told me of difficulties with the 510-724-9753 number so I have included my cell number (510-640-3555).

Current Hours

Mon-Sat 9:30-6:30

By Appointment

Closed Sundays and Lunch

Appointments Usually Needed

Please call if not in

We are frequently happy to set up appointments or come in for you

Call 24 Hours In Advance to Cancel

Drive-ins welcome if time available



Please pay DMV fees on time to avoid DMV penalties as stated on the back of the DMV renewal notice.

Online: Even if the first line says that the online registration cannot be completed at this time, please read the statement in its entirety - you may still be able to pay the fees, and you may receive a Notice of Incomplete Renewal. This does not make it legal to drive the car after the registration expires but at least you may avoid DMV penalties. Temporary operating permits or one day moving permits may be available - if needed, ask DMV.

Come see us for smog testing and certification.

Please Bring Your DMV Renewal Slip.

Please be aware that mapping programs do not necessarily lead you to the correct location. Our complex goes completely around 720. We are at the driveway just past the white water hydrant and just before Walter. Please see map on contact us page.